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Climate Virtual ExChange


Enhancing Climate Awareness in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean Area

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CliVEx, formally titled “Climate Virtual ExChange: Enhancing Climate Awareness in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean Area,” is an initiative dedicated to fostering a vibrant intercultural dialogue. Bringing together students from diverse backgrounds in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean region, the project revolves around the crucial issue of climate change.

Our primary goal is to raise climate awareness, transcending geographical and linguistic barriers. CliVEx provides a unique platform for students to engage in discussions, share experiences, and collaborate on climate-related issues. We aim to deepen the understanding of climate change’s multifaceted dimensions and to inspire a global perspective on this challenge.

Through this initiative, we empower the next generation of leaders and advocates with the knowledge and insights needed to address pressing environmental concerns. We believe that collaborative learning, enabled by virtual exchange, can drive global climate action. By facilitating connections, sharing expertise, and working together, CliVEx seeks to protect our planet and inspire sustainable solutions.

In this inclusive and collaborative environment, CliVEx nurtures a shared sense of responsibility and purpose in addressing climate change. Our mission is to expand climate awareness and equip students to be champions for environmental sustainability and the preservation of our planet.

About CliVEx

Climate Virtual Exchanges and Online facilitation training in Europe and the South Mediterranean area.

Our Target

Higher Education students and academic staff in Europe and the South Mediterranean Area.


The concept of a “Virtual Climate Exchange” is a novel approach that transcends physical boundaries to facilitate global discussions, collaborative learning, and shared insights on the pressing issue of climate change. It leverages digital technology to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds, regions, and cultures to engage in a comprehensive dialogue on climate-related topics.

Through this innovative virtual platform, participants can connect, share experiences, and jointly explore the multifaceted aspects of climate change. Virtual climate exchanges enable students, experts, and climate enthusiasts to collaboratively learn about the environmental challenges our world faces and develop actionable solutions.

In a virtual climate exchange, participants can take part in activities such as online discussions, forums, webinars, and digital resources to enhance their understanding of climate issues. This unique concept creates a dynamic, inclusive space where knowledge is shared, ideas are exchanged, and meaningful connections are formed to inspire climate action worldwide.

In essence, the virtual climate exchange concept is a powerful tool for fostering global awareness, uniting people across borders, and working collectively to address climate change challenges in the modern age. It represents a commitment to environmental education, collaboration, and a shared vision of a sustainable future for our planet.



The project will run for 3 years (July 1st, 2023 - June 30th, 2026), and it is funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union.



Stay informed about the latest happenings at CliVEx - Climate Virtual Exchange. Explore our recent achievements, announcements, and pivotal moments that drive our mission to enhance climate awareness in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean Area. Discover how we're making a difference and join us in our journey to address climate change together.


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